🎉 20 Years in Real Estate! 🍾

🎉   20 Years in Real Estate! 🍾

January 4, 2002 I sat down as a newly licensed agent in my cubicle @jbgoodwinaustin with my laptop, a pen and notebook ready for a new chapter in real estate. I didn't know what I didn't know, and can tell you I've come a long way since those early days (especially with the help of some very special mentors who know their impact on my growth over the years).

💪  20 years in now, nearly 700 transactions and over $220M in sales, I'm feeling like this career might stick (also, I’m thankful to have been part of Juice Real Estate over half this time). Thank you for your support, encouragement and trust over the years. It's been an amazing ride that has allowed me to forge valuable / lifelong relationships with clients, agents and business partners across the board. I've experienced the real estate world as an agent, buyer, seller, and investor / developer. The work has tested me at times, but in the end, I couldn't imagine a career that would have benefited or fulfilled me more than real estate.

💥  I have a few lofty goals heading into my 20th anniversary, and you'll hear more about a few of them in the coming weeks. Thank you for being part of this journey, and I hope you had a good laugh at some of my headshots over the years as I've slowly (??) aged!

🤔  Think about this:
The median sales price Jan 2002 was $151,733 and there were 4 months worth of inventory! What we would give to have 4 months of inventory right now. Also, interest rates were at 6.5% when I started - double what they are today for most borrowers.


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