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Why do people love to go to the local farmers market every weekend? The answer is simple - because of the freshness from farm to table! There is a wonderful vitality of the foods within the farmers market due to its fresh, rich, and healthy flavors! On top of that, it is a great place for young children and all pets! The smells, the colors, the people, the live music, and the inspiration! Farmer markets produce food that are perfectly ripe and wait for the moment to hand pick fruits and vegetables for people to hand select at the market. Locally grown foods have a higher quality producing minerals, vitamins, and proteins without the terrible pesticides. Many farmers at the market, go the extra mile by using sustainable and organic resources. Austin is a great place to find a farmers market because there is one going on every single day, rain or shine! Check out Edible Austin! They have a great resource list of all of the local farmers market in the area.

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