Curb Appeal - First Impressions Are Everything

Curb appeal counts because it creates interest in a home for sale for future buyers. First impressions are everything, especially in today’s real estate market. In the world we live in today, now with photography, videography, and virtual staging all have a major impacts on how real estate agents and their clients sell a home. There are key ingredients in what plays a part in the visual impact to create curb appeal. Like this inviting front porch in NW Hills I will be listing later this month.
The front door is a symbol of what you are walking into, and buyers are judging your home the minute they pull up to view. Is the door freshly painted with a vintage knob or perhaps a modern style hardware? Or is the front door dirty with paint chips and a cracked window? Positive impressions matter, even a simple painted door! A fresh coat of paint can add greater value to your home and can maximize profits. Sometimes all home sellers need is a power wash to retrieve the original colors back after removing the grime away. A fresh set of eyes is beneficial to a seller.
Exterior home projects can increase your chance of a quicker sale. Refreshing your landscape while keeping it manicured is a way to grab people’s attention. Adding colorful plants and flowers sets a special ambiance. There are affordable plants out there that have a lush appearance. Ferns are a perfect example of what helps create a beautiful garden. Making your yard space a sanctuary can help maximize the initial appeal. Adding fun ideas such as outdoor lighting are some unique ways to dress up your property. Pinterest has some great idea on how to decorate your home. Curb appeal is probably more important than you think because it sets expectations for buyers and should entice them to inquire further. First impressions are everything!

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