Easter Arts and Crafts Fun for the Family


Bunny Ears

This fun filled arts and crafts activity involves the family! Help your children create bunny ear headbands for the household members to wear - you can shape flowers, leaves, and fun food (such as carrots) for a pair of rabbit ears! Using colorful arts and crafts paper or felt - would be a fun way of having different assortment of ears, floppy or straight.

Paint Easter Eggs

This is a tradition for many and a fun one indeed! Customizing the eggs with different varieties of colors is a great way for kids to learn how to express themselves through arts and crafts. Adding eyes, feathers, or craft paper is a cute way of creating a farm family out of easter eggs.

Easter Bingo

Online websites include free easter printable bingo cards. This is a great way to get the family involved - even if that means doing a zoom call or facetime chat!

Plant Flowers

This is a great activity to do on Easter, especially for kids to learn how to understand different team building exercises. Planning a garden and planting the seeds, gives children a sense of responsibility. Watching the plants grow over time, and seeing the progress by next Easter, is a fun way to educate them on the meaning of life.
For the Austin residents, check out these cool coloring pages!
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