Lil' Lane of Lights

This year the Violet Crown Clubhouse and the Episcopal Church are working together to create a fun light display for the Crestview / Brentwood neighborhoods, and are asking people to add some Holiday cheer by brightening up their homes in the neighborhood since this year is going to look a little different for most families who are not able to get together. This is a free, walkable light display featuring a handful of neighborhood organizations benefitting various local charities. The display runs from December 11th - Jan 3rd.
As a participant in this fun new tradition, I've had a close friend replicate my classic Bronco, Breck and she nailed it. From the cutout design, to highlights on the wheels and Juice logo, she far exceeded expectations! Breck will be on display, and will be accented with holiday lights, for Instagramworth photo opportunities for attendees. As Community Advisory Committee Co-Chair at the Ronald McDonald House charity,I will have an easy way for people to make donations as they stroll through this fun event. Interested in making a donation to Be the Light Foundation via The Ronald McDonald House, I have set up a page for donations here.

History on the Ronald McDonald Foundation:

Faced with a child's illness, life can stop overnight and parents enter a world of fear and worry. For parents who don't live close to the medical care their child needs, there's an added stress: distance. Most families have to travel hours for treatment. Living expenses quickly add up. Long drives, lost jobs, worried siblings, sleeping in cars. Being far from family and friends. These are extra burdens no family should have to experience.
Thankfully, RMHC CTX is able to help when its needed most. They keep families with sick children near to each other and the medical care and resources they need. I am doing my part by fundraising for RMHC CTX and the families they support. And I need your help! By making a donation today, we can give families the gift of laughter, love and time together. For a sick child, sometimes the best medicine of all is having family nearby for more hugs, kisses and I love you's. So, help me raise funds for RMHC CTX families and keep them together!
Your donation to the RMHC Global Chapter helps children and families in communities across the globe. 88 cents of every dollar spent supports programs like the Ronald McDonald House around the world.

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